GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition Coming to Mobile

Rockstar Games Famous GTA Game, GTA The Trailogy coming to iOS and Android very shortly. The very surprising news is that all three games are Netflix-exclusive. It’s a piece of Very Good news for Mobile game lovers lots of people have waited for this Trilogy Mobile version. It’s very exciting for Mobile gamers to play this Remastered version of GTA Games on Mobile.

GTA The Trilogy The Definitive Edition Coming to iOS Android on 14th December 2023

GTA The Trilogy The Definitive Edition game is available through Netflix Games on 14th December 2023 for iOS and Android. The iOS and Android versions were originally scheduled for early 2022, but we actually saw some delays on this and now it’s finally coming in less than 2 weeks on our mobiles. You can Pre-Order all Three games from the Below links.

Pre-Order:- GTA Vice City

Pre-Order:- GTA San Andreas

Pre-Order:- GTA 3

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