INTO THE DEAD 2 on iPhone 15 Pro (Max Graphics 60 FPS)

Into The Dead 2 on iPhone 15 Pro (512 GB)

We test INTO THE DEAD 2 on iPhone 15 Pro with maximum graphics and a maximum Frame rate of 60 FPS, so we will deeply discuss the gameplay, graphics, performance, and Battery life while playing Heavy games on iPhone 15 Pro.

We plan to review lots of high graphics games on iPhone 15 Pro, so we judge the performance of the game, firstly start with Into the Dead 2 on iPhone 15 Pro with Max Graphics.

Into The Dead 2 iPhone 15 Series

We have tested this game on very High graphics (MAX) with 60 FPS, and truly game runs very smoothly 98% of the time but some areas are jerky because I think the game is not optimized yet on the iPhone 15 Pro. So the performance of the game is very smooth, no issue with that. I feel the device is a little bit hot when I am playing this game on the iPhone 15 Pro, I think optimization problem with that, otherwise iPhone 15 Pro is capable of handling AAA graphics games.

The final Conclusion from my side is you can enjoy almost every game on your iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max without any doubt, so playing almost every game on your device. I also recommend you purchase the 512 GB Model, if you are a heavy gamer because nowadays lots of games come with 10GB+ in terms of size, you can Upcoming AAA graphics games For the iPhone 15 Pro. You can also watch Into the Dead 2 iPhone 15 Pro video on our YouTube channel. Stay tuned with us for info, Bye and see you in the next post.

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