Ace Force 2 Available To Download on Mobile

MoreFun Studios has announced the official launch of Ace Force 2 on Android. The Tencent subsidiary’s 5v5 team-based shooter game is out now on Google Play Store for Android devices. The Game looks promising with great graphics and gameplay. Ace Force 2 is based on Unreal Engine 4 Graphics.

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Ace Force 2 Available Now on Android

Ace Force 2 Android iOS Gameplay

The game features plenty of opportunities for teamwork and strategy, each character will bring its own set of interesting abilities to the table. take advantage of these skills to dominate your opponents and outsmart them at every turn. All these are presented with distinct character designs and stylish visuals, with a stunning animation quality you can expect from a project that’s powered by Unreal Engine 4.

Download:- Ace Force 2 Android

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