Assassin’s Creed Mirage iOS Gameplay on iPhone 15 Pro

Assassin’s Creed Mirage Mobile is finally available on iOS devices. It is available to download on the App Store. Here is the review of the most exciting game of the year. you can see Assassin Creed Mirage ioS Gameplay on YouTube. Apple previously announced AAA quality games for their iOS devices back in the iPhone 15 Launch event.

AC Mirage iOS

Assassin Creed Mirage is a Paid game. you can try a demo version of the game for up to 1:30 hours but after that, you can require a full game purchased to play the game. One pleasant surprise to the game becoming available is that we learned Ubisoft is running a launch sale on the game, so from now until June 2oth, you can buy that full unlock game for just 1749 Rs/- which is 50% off its regular price. It’s a very good move by Ubisoft to encourage users to play the game on iOS devices.

AC Mirage iOS Gameplay on iPhone 15 Pro

Assassin Creed Mirage runs on iPhone 15 Pro without any issues, but yes it has downgraded graphics compared to the original PS 5 version with 30 FPS support only. AC Mirage is very playable on my iPhone 15 Pro and very smooth, you can see some Gameplay of AC Mirage on iPhone 15 Pro.

Assassin Creed Mirage iOS Gameplay on iPhone 15 Pro

AC Mirage iPhone 15 Pro Battery Performance

Assassin’s Creed Mirage is a very heavy game in terms of graphics and size. So it’s easy to think about battery performance in the iPhone 15 Pro. The iPhone 15 Pro battery performs well, i was playing around 15-20 minutes of gameplay, it consumed around 8% of my iPhone 15 Pro battery and my phone battery health is 99%. you can play the game for around 2 to 2.5 hours when your battery is 100% charged.

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Assassin Creed Mirage download from AppStore and Play it on your devices. Subscribe to our channel iGamebucket for more gaming updates.

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