Resident Evil 4 Available To Download For iOS

Resident Evil 4 is Now available to download for iPhones, iPads and Macs. Resident Evil 4 is world wide globally available for Apple devices. For the Apple device launch, Capcom has a launch discount until January 17th bringing the unlock price and DLC to match the PC and console sale price. You can now see the performance of Resident Evil 4 Remake on my iPhone 15 Pro below gameplay.

RE 4 Remake Gameplay on iPhone 15

Resident Evil 4 Remake available at Just 1799 Rs/-

Resident Evil looks amazing on iOS devices, it’s phenomenal in terms of graphics quality. It is an Open-world Horror action game with lots of Amazing missions and Boss battle fights. Resident Evil 4 looks gorgeous and runs very smoothly on iPhone 15 Pro. It’s Free to play initially but after 1st chapter, you pay and play further gameplay. Download Resident Evil 4 For iOS devices.

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